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 2018.02.08 - 17:45

  • Updated patch for DBF (dBase) type 'I' fields for PHP, added Gentoo HOWTO (pecl dbase 5.1.1)
  • Updated HOWTO for Self-signed SSL sertificate and quick fix of sec_error_reused_issuer_and_serial.

  •  2018.01.13 - 01:11

  • minor optimization for mobile browsing

  •  2017.12.20 - 10:13

  • fixed memory leak and crash in AHCI mode. Thanks to Michael Arthur Long for testing. (ROS-13988)
    UniATA v0.46e5

  •  2017.12.12 - 15:01

  • Drop static scenes from video chunks without full transcoding (ffmpeg, h264).
    Drop static video chunks Facebook

  •  2017.12.11 - 00:17

  • fixed nVidia MCP61 S2 support, thanks to Samuel Serapion
    UniATA v0.46e4

  •  2017.12.06 - 00:59

  • Android .backup extraction HOWTO
    How to extract data from Android .backup files
  • Hikvision, Security
    Interesting, I've a lot of hikvision web-cams in private network. They are almost identical with same login/pwd, the main difference is IP address :) Let's make TCP port forwarding from gateway to http port of one camera. Pass authorization. Reconfigure port forwarding to point to another camera. Try to refresh page in the browser. And you get to admin page of it too! All images, scripts, etc. are loaded from browser cache. Looks like vsid cookie contains some hash of username+password with is checked against same hash of local credentials. All these are passed over plain HTTP without encription. Its very easy to use replay attack with stolen vsid.
    Also, you can try to get some interesting info from your camera without any authorization

  •  2017.07.04 - 23:09

    TBB Recovery 1.5

  • Internal buffer is allowed to groq up to maximum message size. It is necessary for header length fixup. When -k is used, buffer has fixed size since no correction is performed.
  • Added warnings when mutually exclusive options are used.

  •  2017.06.30 - 19:25

    TBB Recovery 1.4

  • Fixed bug with -d and -a support, now -a doesn't ignore -d+
  • Fixed bugs in I/O buffering. Now long messages doesn't get damaged. Also fixed bug with broken last 64k of the file.
  • Added -f option for displaying From: header in log.

  •  2017.04.08 - 16:44

  • handled wrong (zero) HDD geometry info returned by PCem VM. (ROS-11277, ROS-12909)
    UniATA v0.46e3

  •  2017.01.06 - 12:53

  • fixed problem with crash on attempt to get physical address for valid memory with uninitialized page table (sometimes it happens), thanks to Thomas Faber and ReactOS team. (ROS-11894)
    UniATA v0.46e2
  • All in one about http server-side Apache + PHP + sessions + caching

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