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 2017.07.04 - 23:09

TBB Recovery 1.5

  • Internal buffer is allowed to groq up to maximum message size. It is necessary for header length fixup. When -k is used, buffer has fixed size since no correction is performed.
  • Added warnings when mutually exclusive options are used.

  •  2017.06.30 - 19:25

    TBB Recovery 1.4

  • Fixed bug with -d and -a support, now -a doesn't ignore -d+
  • Fixed bugs in I/O buffering. Now long messages doesn't get damaged. Also fixed bug with broken last 64k of the file.
  • Added -f option for displaying From: header in log.

  •  2017.04.08 - 16:44

  • handled wrong (zero) HDD geometry info returned by PCem VM. (ROS-11277, ROS-12909)
    UniATA v0.46e3

  •  2017.01.06 - 12:53

  • fixed problem with crash on attempt to get physical address for valid memory with uninitialized page table (sometimes it happens), thanks to Thomas Faber and ReactOS team. (ROS-11894)
    UniATA v0.46e2
  • All in one about http server-side Apache + PHP + sessions + caching

  •  2016.09.05 - 10:24

  • I've missed. I've got MTU problem on running GRE tunnel in production :( Why not to mention this in gre/gif manual ?
    GRE MSS/MTU issuses under FreeBSD

  •  2016.09.04 - 09:59

  • fixed problem with ATAPI detection in previous build, thanks to KtP, Roy Tam.
    UniATA v0.46e1

  •  2016.07.29 - 12:20

    It's so nice to get to know that partner company completly changes encryption algorithm without backward compatibility. So, I had to perform partial software upgrade. With some issues like Undefined symbol "TLSv1_2_server_method" (fixed)

     2016.07.04 - 11:00

    Published patch for DBF (dBase) type 'I' fields for PHP (pecl dbase 5.1.0)

     2016.07.03 - 12:30

    Published updated beta UniATA v0.46e

  • fixed problem with I82371FB support (ROS-11157)
  • fixed buffer overflow in PIO Multiblock error handling (ROS-11296).
  • fixed several problems with ISA-only systems.

  •  2016.04.07 - 11:48

    Discovered source of problem with SMP system freeze under NT3.51/NT4 with UniATA. Uniata doesn't matter :) It just allow system to boot on newer hardware. Actual source of problem appeared to be i8042. Firstable, we discovered that in hangs on init. I've built debug version of i8042prt.sys from DDK and we can see strange execution stop on I/O port read attempt during keyboart init. Search for "i8042 SMP keyboard problem" gave reference to Linux bug report. Thus, problem is related to legacy USB keyboard emulation. Disabling this option in BIOS allows OS to start normally.

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