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Left/Right selected text shift with Tab/Shift-Tab in Far editor

A small macro implementing indent functionality similar to MS VC 6.0 editor. When text block is selected in Far editor, you can use Tab to shift entire block 4 positions right (like 4 subsequent Alt-I do). Shift-Tab keys moves selected block 4 positions left. Due to its simplicity, the macro doesn't change indents inside moved block, like "smart" plugins do.

Macro sequence is absolutely simple:


"Description"="Back Tab Selected block"
"Sequence"="AltU AltU AltU AltU"

"Description"="Tab Selected block"
"Sequence"="AltI AltI AltI AltI"

It is possible to install it by importing ShiftTab_EditVC6.reg from
ShiftTab_EditVC6.rar/tgz (259 bytes/357 bytes).
If you need Tab-size other tna 4, place correspronding number of AltU and AltI to reg-file.


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