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Indexed search for FAR

by Axxie ( (remove X))

Last version - Indexer093d.rar/tgz (12.8 Kb/13.2 Kb)

Far plugin for indexing folder contents. It does it like Internet search servers do. After indexing you can perform very fast context search. It is very useful if you have a lot of text files or megabytes of sources

Now exists very nice programm Swish-E ( for indexing. It has one 'inconvenience' - it works with command line (some people do not treat it as inconvenience :).

P.S. In general Swish-E is much more powerful tool than this plugin. Thus I recommend you to study it well.

Indexer093d.rar/tgz (12.8 Kb/13.2 Kb)
Fixed bug with unexpected FAR exit
"Query text" field history behavior fixed second time
SWISH-E error reporting slightly changed
Fixed bug preventing plugin from working in Windows 9x
Indexer093c.rar/tgz (12.6 Kb/12.8 Kb)
Fixed stupid bug in English LNG
Indexer093b.rar/tgz (12.5 Kb/12.8 Kb)
Added SWISH-E return code handling.
Indexer093.rar/tgz (12.3 Kb/12.6 Kb)
Fixed: History of the "Query text" field was not synchronized with standard search text history.
Added detection of the new SWISH-E versions
Indexer092b.rar/tgz (12.7 Kb/13.1 Kb)
Many fixes, added russian manual ReadMeRu.txt.
Here is the 1st version:
Installation manual is in archive in ReadMeEn.txt.

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