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Console utilities (converters)...

Collection of console utilities. Most af them are written by me. Seems to be useful.

Download :
convert_20071015.rar/tgz (136.6 Kb/141.4 Kb)


srchrep         search/replace in specified files. Supports simple 
                esc-sequences (\n, \r, \0, \t, \q). \q is treated as 
                quotation mark
wp2dbf		converts WordPerfect/MS-DOS text tables to DBF format
txt2w60		converts MS-DOS text for reading by MS Word 5.0/6.0
		1. You'll not have any problem with CR/LF after any line,
		   it'll be only at the end of paragraph;
		2. All TABs & SPACEs at the beginning of paragraph, between
		   words & at the EOL will be suppressed to 1 SPACE;
		3. All hyphenations will be removed
txt2w70		converts MS-DOS text with Russian/Ukrainian letters
		(keyrus,NLS,koi-8) for reading by MS Word 7.0('95). You should
		read converted file as Text Only to WordPad & select Cyrilic
wp2txt		converts WordPerfect text to MS-DOS (cp866) text (with Russian/
		/Ukrainian language support)
txt2htm         simpliy adds HTML header and tail
delspace	suppresses spaces to TABs & remover spaces at EOL
tailCRLF        makes sure that final line in specified files ends with CR/LF
wv2mp3		Audioconversion shell (for l3enc/l3dec). Supports wildcards & 
		UNIX-like -R key
mp3riff		prepends RIFF header to MP3 files.
mp3tag		console MP3 tagging tool.
ttfconv         converts Win 3.1 TTF fonts for usage under NT (Cyrilic fix)
h2inc		converts C/C++ .H files to asm .INC (and does it awfully ;)
exe2com         converts EXE files to COM by stripping MZ header.

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