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NT 3.51 SuperPack

by KtP

The original source is here:

While treating nt3.51 after installing 80Gb I've met trouble with accessing partitions above 2Gb (fat32) under nt3.51. And I've got BSOD - INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. The problem was found inside scsidisk.sys (it is called disk.sys under nt4). It doesn't detect ExtendedX, Fat32, Fat32x,Fat16x partitions. I've rebuilt scsidisk.sys. And now everything works fine. Along with this there are still some useful thing in my collection. They help running NT 3.51 on new hardware and with some new applications.


351pack_v5.rar/tgz (736.2 Kb/274 bytes)
comctl32.rar/tgz (257.8 Kb/274.7 Kb)
serial.rar/tgz (20.5 Kb/125 bytes)

Inside archives

  • \ATDISK - atdisk.sys driver for EIDE harddisks only (from nt4sp6a) - replaces original atdisk.sys
  • \DLL - Replace commctl32.dll (from IE 6 SP 1). After replacement of this file I could run 1C Enterprise 7.5 (and 7.7 too) :) under nt 3.51.
  • \BOOT - ntldr/ nt's boot files needed for large hdd support (from Windows2000 SP4)
  • \FONT - dos fullscreen font ISO-compliant - very readable at screen!!! Replace original ega.cpi. Is also suitable for nt4/xp
  • \FAT32 - fat32 support for nt 3.51. Replace original fastfat.sys.
  • \RENEW - recompiled with 3.51 ddk scsidisk.sys & atapi.sys (from nt4) to support large drives under 3.51 (sorry without LBA48 support yet) + sources. New serial.sys which works more stable with 56k+ modems is also located here.
  • \VIAIDE - VIA ide driver from VIA service pack! works with nt 3.51
  • \VBEMP - VESA 2.0/3.0 video driver (Feb 20, 2007) for nt 3.51 (see


  • scsidisk place to NT35DDK\src\STORAGE\CLASS\SCSIDISK
  • atapi place to NT35DDK\src\STORAGE\MINIPORT\ATAPI

Version 5:
Updated VBEMP and added atdisk.sys

Added new serial port driver. 2006.04.09

Updated superpack itself: 351pack_v3.rar/tgz (742.5 Kb/281 bytes)

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