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Knowledge base
CD-R/RW & DMA drivers
About various CD-R/RW drives
Windows NT Kernel memory pool tags
ATA/ATAPI standard deviation list
NT4 mini-HOWTO (from
USB for NT4
HTTP Caching
Ukrainian 'i' for console/OEM/CP866
Ukrainian language frequency model
Switch keyboard layout with Alt-Shift/Ctrl-Shift under newer Ubuntu
Fix Linux Wifi AP startup time and stability
Drop/detect static scenes
Local Proxy+antibanner for Windows
I2P for NT4
I2P под FreeBSD
Enabling Cyrilic fonts support for console applications
Persistent subst for NT-clones
Visual Studio 6.0 tips
Creating Driver project for Visual Studio 6.0
Creating Driver project for Visual Studio 8.0
Creating 64-bit Driver project for Visual Studio 8.0
Портирование проекта драйвера из VC6 в VC8 с DDK 2003
WinDbg HOWTO для тестировщиков
Far Manager tips (from
MS Windows tips (from
NT-family multiboot tips
Technical and sources
SPTI behavior
KdPrint()/OutputDebugString() behavior
ANSI CommandLineToArgv()
CommandLineToArgv() for arbitrary charsets
Windows NT Kernel mode NDIS-like RWLock implementation
Windows NT Kernel GetModuleHandle() and GetProcAddress()
Creating NT OS-version independent drivers
Windows NT Services and Drivers
Registry settings of various applications
NT Hardware Profiles
ATA standards overview (from
Вызываем BIOS из ядра NT-семейства
Как создавать и убивать потоки (threads) в NT Native Mode приложениях.
StarForce crack (from

Free BSD

FBSD quick install/config
Cyrilic and Ukrainian in FBSD console
UFS/UFS2 structure
SMP routng optimization
IPv6 deployment for ISP
Apache + Self-signed SSL vertificates
Apache + TLS (FreeBSD, upgrade)
GRE MSS/MTU issuses under FreeBSD


Linphone as daemon
Prevent FortiClientVPN DNS for Ubuntu
DNS leak fix for Ubuntu NetworkManager + OpenVPN
Access Dell iDRAC6 IPKVM under Linux
Installing Gentoo on Crypto-RAID


Android .backup files extraction
Android .adb files extraction
где заканчиваются абстракции
IMEI calculator
buildozer build problem fix
Howto shutdown/stow/park Starlink


управлении и оптимизации трафика в интернет
правильная настройка WiFi
IPv6 deployment for ISP
HTTP caching
Apache + PHP + sessions + caching
Apache + Self-signed SSL vertificates
Apache + TLS (FreeBSD, upgrade)
I2P for NT4
I2P for FreeBSD
Фильтруем "мусор" на свитчах
Правильно строим GRE/GIF под FreeBSD (MSS/MTU)
Грозозащита для Fast Ethernet
WiFi антенна из консервной банки (from
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