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Console Process KILL utility for Windows NT-family

Strange, but I could not find console utility for killing processes under Windows. Actually, there are many such utilities, but there is no one which can locate processes by

wkill supports Windows NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and higher (checked under Win10)

  • Window caption
  • sub-string of Window caption
  • module (executable) name
  • substring of full module (executable) pathname

So, I had to write WKILL myself. The name is chosen to avoid conflicts with sort of cygwin and unixport process kill utilities.

  wkill <options> [<params>]
  -c, --caption <Window Caption>  Caption of the window to be closed
  -a, --all                       Kill all matching windows.
                                    By default only the 1st found window is closed
  -e, --exact                     Matching window captions exactly.
                                    By default all captions beginning from <Window Caption>
                                    are matched.
  -i                              Use case insensetive comparison.
  -p, --pid <Process ID>          Kill by process ID (PID).
  -n, --process-name <exac name>  Kill by process (executable) name.
  -N, --process-name-substr <exec name>
                                    Kill by matching part of full process name/path.
                                    By default (with -n) module name is matched exactly.
  -P, --match-path                Match by process (executable) path instead of name.
  -x, --exit-code <Exit code>     Process exit code (-1 by default).
  -l, --list                      Enum (mached) processes without killing.
  wkill -c "Microsoft Word"
  wkill -p 440
  wkill -P -N "SysWOW64\dllhost.exe"

  • added -P option for matching modules by substring of full module (executable) pathname
  • appeared, that -N option matched only executable name
wkill_v4.rar/tgz (20.6 Kb/21.5 Kb)
wkill_v4_src.rar/tgz (9.8 Kb/141 bytes)

  • added -l option for enumerating running processes
  • added -N option for matching modules by substring of full module (executable) pathname
  • created project for VS2013. But it generates executable incompatible with old Windows versions.
wkill_v3.rar/tgz (20.3 Kb/21.2 Kb)
wkill_v3_src.rar/tgz (6.4 Kb/6.6 Kb)

wkill_v2.rar/tgz (19.6 Kb/20.4 Kb)
wkill_v2_src.rar/tgz (5.4 Kb/5.5 Kb)

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