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FireHose utility

(Windows port)

Alexandru Lovin gave me an interesting link to FIREHOSE library and some utilites, based on it. It is intended for transfering file between 2 computers using all available physical links. For example Ethernet 100 Mbit + FireWire 400 Mbit = 500 Mbit. The original sources are written for Linux. Here you can find Windows version.


firehose_win_src_v1.rar/tgz (26.2 Kb/27.3 Kb)


firehose_win_v1.rar/tgz (48.3 Kb/85.2 Kb)



On the destination we set up a file receiver and specify port numbers (ope port for each physical link) by running something like this:

firerecv -i 3085 -i 3086 -i 3087

On the source we send a file off by running

firesend -i -i -i

You can run firesend as many times as desired without restarting the server. Files created on receiving side has same names as specified in parameters of firesend. When finished be sure to Ctrl-C the server. Any number of devices may be used besides three.


On the destination we set up a pipe receiver by running

firepipe -i 3086 -i 3086 -i 3087 > cd.iso

On the source we send a file off (ISO-image generated by mkisofs) by running

mkisofs cd.vob | firepipe -o -o -o

Firepipe has the distinction of using -i to specify input ports and -o to specify target hosts, all using the same executable.


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