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Fixed-width fonts with cp-1251 and koi-8 character sets

by unknown

Here lies latest versions of archives with Cyrilic fixed-width fonts. They corresponds to cp-1251 and koi-8 character sets. fix_font_1251.rar/tgz (10.2 Kb/11.2 Kb)
fix_font_koi8.rar/tgz (154.6 Kb/180.6 Kb)

I've found them somewhere.....

cp1251 version is useful in Visial C for viewing sources with Cyrilic characters.

koi8 version can be used in Beyond Compare (it is rather powerful file compare utility). You will be able at least see what you are comparing (but will not be able to edit with built-in editior).


Updated cp-1251 font version is published (English letter 'k' is fixed):
fix_font_1251.rar/tgz (10.2 Kb/11.2 Kb)
If you need the previous version, you can download it from the following location:
fix_font_1251_v1.rar/tgz (10.1 Kb/11.2 Kb)
Found koi-8 fonts at,
fixed them with TTF-conv and published
The original fonts are here: fix_font_koi8_orig.rar/tgz (154.2 Kb/178.9 Kb), but imho they are practically useless.

The first version of cp-1251 is published
fix_font_1251_v1.rar/tgz (10.1 Kb/11.2 Kb)

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