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Knowledge base
CD-R/RW & DMA drivers
About various CD-R/RW drives
Windows NT Kernel memory pool tags
ATA/ATAPI standard deviation list
NT4 mini-HOWTO (from
USB for NT4
HTTP Caching
Ukrainian 'i' for console/OEM/CP866
Ukrainian language frequency model
Switch keyboard layout with Alt-Shift/Ctrl-Shift under newer Ubuntu
Fix Linux Wifi AP startup time and stability
Drop/detect static scenes
Local Proxy+antibanner for Windows
I2P for NT4
I2P под FreeBSD
Enabling Cyrilic fonts support for console applications
Persistent subst for NT-clones
Visual Studio 6.0 tips
Creating Driver project for Visual Studio 6.0
Creating Driver project for Visual Studio 8.0
Creating 64-bit Driver project for Visual Studio 8.0
Creating MSVC vcxproj with relative path using CMake
Migrating driver project from VC6 to VC8 with DDK 2003
WinDbg HOWTO for QA engineers
Far Manager tips (from
MS Windows tips (from
NT-family multiboot tips
Technical and sources
SPTI behavior
KdPrint()/OutputDebugString() behavior
ANSI CommandLineToArgv()
CommandLineToArgv() for arbitrary charsets
Windows NT Kernel mode NDIS-like RWLock implementation
Windows NT Kernel GetModuleHandle() and GetProcAddress()
Creating NT OS-version independent drivers
Windows NT Services and Drivers
Registry settings of various applications
NT Hardware Profiles
ATA standards overview (from
Calling BIOS from NT-family kernel
How to create and kill threads in NT Native Mode applications.
StarForce crack (from

Free BSD

FBSD quick install/config
Cyrilic and Ukrainian in FBSD console
UFS/UFS2 structure
SMP routng optimization
IPv6 deployment for ISP
Apache + Self-signed SSL vertificates
Apache + TLS (FreeBSD, upgrade)
GRE MSS/MTU issuses under FreeBSD


Linphone as daemon
Prevent FortiClientVPN DNS for Ubuntu
DNS leak fix for Ubuntu NetworkManager + OpenVPN
Access Dell iDRAC6 IPKVM under Linux
Installing Gentoo on Crypto-RAID


Android .backup files extraction
Android .adb files extraction
abstraction application limits
IMEI calculator
buildozer build problem fix
Howto shutdown/stow/park Starlink
.IDL definition to .Cpp/.H


internet traffic management and optimization
effective WiFi setup
IPv6 deployment for ISP
HTTP caching
Apache + PHP + sessions + caching
Apache + Self-signed SSL vertificates
Apache + TLS (FreeBSD, upgrade)
I2P for NT4
I2P for FreeBSD
Filtering "bad" traffic on managed switches
GRE MSS/MTU issuses under FreeBSD
Wifi Access Point disconnect troubleshooting
Fast Ethernet thunderstorm protection
WiFi antenna from tin can (from
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